Monday, May 24, 2010


have attained success! I have conquered the world of tiny, quarter inch beads! I shall have a victory party, and everyone in my kingdom shall attend! Okay, maybe no party, but still, it's a pretty happy day in my world!

This picture by the quarter gives you a good understanding of how tiny these things are! They really weren't so bad once I got the hang of rolling them, and I like them so much, I've already cut out more to be made! I will post pictures of the newly cut ones as soon as I get them done. They are being made out of upcycled office paper that I handpainted with acrylic paint, so they will be solid colors, compared with these that are made from upcycled magazine pages. But there is something to be said for the random color placement of the magazine beads. They are just so darling!


C'mon! Tell me what you think!