Sunday, June 6, 2010

My favorite creations for the week!

Each week I have a few sets of beads that I just love. This week, it seems that the citrus colors are what I'm leaning towards! The orange beads remind me of a cool orange smoothie, while the lemon and lime beads remind me of a tall glass of lemonade! Maybe I'm just really thirsty this week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Fatties

I have been wanting to try a new way to make beads lately. Intrigued by the fatter beads, I experimented by gluing two magazine pages together, then cutting along the length to add more girth to the beads. While it was more difficult to cut, these beads turned out to be fatter and more substantial than beads made with one sheet. One thing I did learn was to make sure to spread the glue evenly to prevent the pages from coming apart when rolling. I will be sure to incorporate this method in the future with some of my inch and half inch beads, considering how pleasing the results were!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My newest discovery!

Bracelets! I have discovered jewelry making. I knew that this would happen eventually, but wasn't prepared for how much fun I would have! These simple bracelets are tons of fun to make, and look very summer-y!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A good day!

Today had been a suprisingly wonderful day. First of all, at, they were kind enough to feature me on their blog. Check out to read the article on my etsy shop and a little about my paper beads. This site also has some really great tutorials, inspiring jewelry designs, and fun information about paper beads. A definite must read!

Secondly, I have finished some of my handpainted paper beads. I have made these out of upcycled office paper that I then painted with acrylic paints that I mixed to the perfect color. They turned out really neat, and look almost like little bitty jewels!

Monday, May 24, 2010


have attained success! I have conquered the world of tiny, quarter inch beads! I shall have a victory party, and everyone in my kingdom shall attend! Okay, maybe no party, but still, it's a pretty happy day in my world!

This picture by the quarter gives you a good understanding of how tiny these things are! They really weren't so bad once I got the hang of rolling them, and I like them so much, I've already cut out more to be made! I will post pictures of the newly cut ones as soon as I get them done. They are being made out of upcycled office paper that I handpainted with acrylic paint, so they will be solid colors, compared with these that are made from upcycled magazine pages. But there is something to be said for the random color placement of the magazine beads. They are just so darling!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mr. Clean is my Main Man

Today was spent mostly cleaning, although I did manage to sneak in a few beads! I love Mr. Clean! This stuff cleans anything, and it smells so great! I think Mr. Clean ought to give me a lifetime supply of his products for the free advertising I do for him! The house smells citrus-y fresh and looks oh-so-clean!
By the way, I hate cleaning toilets, Mr. Clean or not.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've gone insane.

I've gone completely insane. I've been having a hankerin' (yes, hankerin') to make some itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, minuscule beads. Why? Cause. That's why. So I started slicing and dicing and this is the pile I turned up with. Looks like confetti or paper doll hair, but certainly no sane person would try to turn this into a bead. Well, wait and see.

This is my teeny, tiny bead. It's a whoppin' 1/4 inch in length. Too cute for words. Although I do believe that I may develop carpal tunnel rolling these things onto toothpicks and gluing them down! And, it may, nay, it will, take me approximately eternity to finish the pile of paper I cut. Live and learn.

The name.. what exactly is a MissWooGoo?

What is a MissWooGoo? There are lots of possible definitions. Perhaps a dish with chicken and cream of mushroom soup? A nickname for a pet? Possible a type of exercise? Actually, Miss Woo Goo is my sister. Her actual name is Amy, but her nickname is and always will be Miss Woo Goo. See, she had this thing she did when she was a kid. If she was mad at you, she would wiggle her butt as she walked away. Boy, that would make me mad. So I started calling her little miss woo goo. Pretty soon, all I'd have to say, at any given time was Oh! Miss Woo Goo! and she would do this little wiggle butt dance that concluded with a wonderful finger pointed to the left with a leg stuck out. She would do this anywhere, and I mean anywhere. I'd say the magic words, and Miss Woo Goo would appear. At school, at church, at the grocery store, it didn't matter. To this day, those words bring an automatic smile to my face. I hope, after this story, that it does you too!

The start of it all!

Hello to everyone! So starts my bead blogging for my etsy shop, MissWooGoo. I will chronicle my adventures with beads. Some informative, some funny, some scary, and I'm sure, some just plain boring! Hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to comment! I LOVE COMMENTS!