Saturday, May 22, 2010

The name.. what exactly is a MissWooGoo?

What is a MissWooGoo? There are lots of possible definitions. Perhaps a dish with chicken and cream of mushroom soup? A nickname for a pet? Possible a type of exercise? Actually, Miss Woo Goo is my sister. Her actual name is Amy, but her nickname is and always will be Miss Woo Goo. See, she had this thing she did when she was a kid. If she was mad at you, she would wiggle her butt as she walked away. Boy, that would make me mad. So I started calling her little miss woo goo. Pretty soon, all I'd have to say, at any given time was Oh! Miss Woo Goo! and she would do this little wiggle butt dance that concluded with a wonderful finger pointed to the left with a leg stuck out. She would do this anywhere, and I mean anywhere. I'd say the magic words, and Miss Woo Goo would appear. At school, at church, at the grocery store, it didn't matter. To this day, those words bring an automatic smile to my face. I hope, after this story, that it does you too!


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